Webinar the Art of Presenting Insights

As two-time MIE winner (see note) dePerfecteGrafiek was asked to share tips about the Art of Presenting insights. Exclusively for all other speakers of the 2024 edition. So I collected my best presentation tips and crafted them into a very beautiful slide deck.

On February 29 dePerfecteGrafiek will be hosting the Art of Presenting Insights webinar. Exclusively for all speakers of MIE 2024, to help them get their presentation to the next level.

In 2024 dePerfecteGrafiek will be present at MIE with two roundtables and a big session. For more information and tickets check the MIE website 

Note dePerfecteGrafiek was named the Best Speaker of MIE in 2021 (the online edition) and in 2023.